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Flexible philosophy for assholes

The article has been through several rounds of peer — review , both informal and formal […] since august this year. I read the preprint, and it made my head ache. In a good way. Do your brain a favor and give it a workout — the full article is freely available online , and if you have substantive comments to make I guarantee you that the author will be delighted. Until the advent of modern neuroscience, free will used to be a theological and a metaphysical concept, debated with little reference to brain function. Today, with ever increasing understanding of neurons, circuits and cognition, this concept has become outdated and any metaphysical account of free will is rightfully rejected.

Gender divides in Philosophy and other disciplines

Why Atheists are Kind of Assholes | The Skeptical Zone

I had a friend ask me if I was doing "baby-led-weaning" when we started giving Dylan solids. I think she was asking me for my opinion as a health care professional. I told her I didn't know what that was. She was shocked and horrified that I didn't know. I still don't think I really know what it is. And yeah, I kind of wish some people would control themselves better when faced with the urge to take a giant dump on other peoples parenting or family size or use of childcare don't even get me started on that one. Amen, sister.

Assholes A Theory 2012

The point of her article was tell everyone how much she hates when people tell her her baby is in Heaven. But actually her point is more than that. Her point really is to make sure you know that she is atheist.
Assholes A Theory by Elvira 3. Liebe Inhaber der Seenkarte des Fischereiverbandes Mittelfranken. Weitere Infos findet ihr hier.
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